I thought it was the Republicans who took bribes?


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I have always had a fascination with Flight*

This is a neat list.  I like that the F-22 was only 10th.  I still believe it was but through politics that it was chosen over the F-21.  My favorite plane made it all the way to #2!


*It was inherited from my father.

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McCain/ Obama birds of a Feather

McCain can’t remember how many houses he owns, Obama can’t remember where he is.  It takes his daughters to call him on it.


Michelle Obama gave the headlining speech tonight at the Democratic Convention. Barack joined the crowd via satellite after she was finished and praised his wife. Obama’s daughters were thrilled to see him, and frequently, and adorably, interrupted their father with shrieks of “Hi Daddy!”. Obama also mentioned two different cities for his location, first saying “Hello from Kansas City,” and then saying he watched the speech with a family in St. Louis. One of Obama’s daughters corrected him, asking, “What city are you in, Daddy?”

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Say Hello to the return of USA Basketball

I haven’t paid much attention to basketball since Jordan retired (the last time).  This has renewed some of my interest in the sport.  They played like true olympians, like a team.


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It’s nice when I’m not alone in seeing the obvious!


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Anyone heard from Al Gore lately?

If I have time this weekend I will lay down a good diatribe on Global Warming.


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More media bias

These two are my favorite quotes from the article.  It has been in my head for awhile that the Obama bias was more than evident.

“A Rasmussen Reports survey in July found that 49 percent of voters believe most reporters are trying to help Obama. Just 14 percent believed most reporters were trying to help McCain.”

“There’s an undeniable sense among a lot of regular Americans that the press has a perspective on political campaigns,” McCain spokesman Brian Rogers told Reuters. “We frankly think it’s more about Senator Obama’s global celebrity than anything else.”


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I don’t always agree with Rush, but this time he is Right!

I’ve been saying for awhile now that Obama doesn’t have the experience necessary to be president.  Regardless of what I think of his politics.


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When people become a resource!

I don’t know if this is sad or scary!


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Please tell me again how there is no Liberal media bias.


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