Are we witnessing the tipping point?

For years the tech community watched and waited for “the beleaguered” Apple Computer to go under or be bought out.  A lack of direction amongst other foibles pressing down upon them.  It took a NEXT heart transplant to jump-start the floundering company.  I remember watching as Apple struggled with how to move on from the success of the Apple II we grew up with.  All great and grand companies fall.  There was a time when no one thought Ford could be beat.  They didn’t know how to move on from the success of the Model T.  Within a matter of years, General Motors had supplanted them as the leading automotive manufacturer.  We now see the same happening to them.   Trumped by the Japanese manufacturers and their relentless pursuit of engineering perfection.

I believe we are witnessing the fall of another great american company.  Microsoft has grown to a point of no longer playing to their strengths and instead wildly flailing in a vain attempt to find new markets to conquer.   MS used to find small fast growing markets, and release a good enough product, then use their OS dominance to bury the competition.  However the train is no longer being driven by the engineer.  The company is now run by the sales people.  Gates was the quintessential engineer, Balmer is a glorified used car salesman.  When sales people take over, the focus turns from being the best, to being the biggest.  Gates was a master at balancing the drive to be the best, with his desire to be the biggest.  Balmer doesn’t get it, he has a one track mind.  With Bill leaving, the company is floundering.  I don’t believe the writing is on the wall just yet, but the pencil is being sharpened.  The linked article gives but one example of how Stevie B doesn’t understand which tracks to follow.

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