UPDATE: Article removed!

Ok now I know he was onto something!  Two days after I link to an article about the fact that Obama’s richest supporters are behind a large portion of the economic problems.  The article is pulled!  Nowhere to be found.  I guess from now on I will have to make a pdf of all articles I link to.


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So maybe he is actually more Politician than Savior

I am more and more convinced that most people are voting for Obama, not because he is a solution, but because he promises change.  Come on people, you don’t even know what this change that he promises is.  I’m not sure he does!


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The Point of this article is to provide investment advice….but…

it provides pretty hefty evidence that Obama’s uber-rich supporters are manipulating the market to help him get into office.  It also provides the icing on the cake of giving them a record low to buy back into the market at.  The whole situation comes across to me much like the most recent Batman film.  The reigning crooks had developed such a distaste for “the Batman” that in their desperation they put their resources behind someone they hardly knew anything about.  The Joker commenced wreaking general mahem and destruction even attacking those backing him.  Obama is like that, his ultra-rich supporters don’t really know who he is.  (Or if they do, that scares me even more.) He is not a natural born citizen.  He admits to having a muslim faith.  His economic policies have been shown to mirror Marx’s communistic regime.  He wants to implement “economic redistribution”.  In other words, he wants to destroy the America the Founding Fathers intended.  I have a real Christian faith, not one like Obama’s fake one.  I have been praying for years asking God to bring a revival to our land.  It has been brought to my attention that Jesus Christ’s church thrives the most under intense persecution.  (ex. China)  I believe that if he is elected, Barack Obama will bring that about in the United States.  I have to admit that there is part of me that wants that revival to come.  As a true Christian, I will not be able to sleep at night knowing that I helped put that man into office.  Therefore I choose McCain, not because I believe he is the solution, but because I VOTE VALUES!  aaronkoch77@me.com


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The video to change the election!

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It’s time for our stock market to disappear!

Ok, maybe just refine alot of processes.  Apple Inc puts up their biggest quarter in the history of the company, and Wall Street rewards them with a slap across the face.  Used to The market reacted to proven performance.  Now it only cares about the guidance a company spits out.  Microsoft always provides optimistic guidance, therefore its stock stays steady on report day.  Apple divvies out the usual restrained guidance and the reaction is to punish them for being realistic.  Oh well, I guess this is why I own no stock.




UPDATE: It looks like in after hours trading AAPL is actually up…….cool!

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He fakes left! Now He goes for the Jugular!

I sense many a restless night coming in Redmond.  With these new commercials Apple points out the obvious flaws with Microsoft.  Not just their ad campaign, but the company as a whole.  Steve Balmer has to be throwing chairs right now!



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Wow, I can’t even formulate a response…….

Most impacting section….

They know who their inspiration is: Saul Alinsky, the ’60s author and philosopher of the left who profoundly influenced Hillary Clinton, Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dohrn and Barack and Michelle Obama. Alinksy stated clearly in the dedication of his famous treatise, Rules for Radicals

To the very first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.

Did you get that?  Lucifer………they are being influenced by Lucifer?  God bless America, we need it!


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Is the Obama campaign already working to steal the election?

I am not a fan of McCain.  In fact I think that he is the wrong answer.  But I have to admit to the fear I have for my Country if the Democratic party wins the White House.  It has become extremely apparent that even the Law is not an insurmountable mountain for them to climb to lie, cheat, and steal this election.  The really sad part is that the general news media isn’t throwing up the red flag on this one.


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Obama’s ties to terrorist groups keep coming to light!

It is beginning to seem like every other day another of Mr Obama’s ties to terrorists comes to light.  I don’t know how any American in their right mind could vote for this guy.


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Mad props to the Arizona Cardinals!

Congratulations to the Cardinals on defeating the Dallas Cowboys and their obviously hired officiating crew.

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