Maybe the Founding Fathers were right

(I will explain the title in a minute)  This morning I was spending some time browsing the Mac web.  I came across an article by some so-called pundit extolling the praises of Windows 7.  You know, the still vaporware Microsoft answer to the failure of Vista.  Oh well the author was comparing the marketing miss-steps of the Republicans to Apples advertising.  This led to a political flame war in the comments section.  Every once in a while I like to have a laugh and read through things like this.  

Ok, now I told you all that so I can tell you this.

One of the commenters was foisting the flawed notion that Bill Clintons balancing of the budget was a good thing.  Not I am not saying that a balanced budget is a bad thing.  I am saying that the way Clinton went about it was flawed.  He cheated!  No, I am not talking about Ms. Lewenski.  

Is anyone familiar with the Roth IRA?  Bill Clinton signed it into existence.  The way that He set it up was brilliant, not good for all mankind brilliant, but great for making himself look good brilliant.  The Roth IRA is actually very good for the people of the United States.  It is a wonderful way to set money back for retirement.  With the traditional IRA you are taxed when you take your money out, but not when you put it in.  This means a higher amount of revenue for the government.  The Roth IRA switched things around so that you are taxed on the money you put in, but not when you take the money out.  This means you get to keep more of your money, which in my mind is a very Republican thing to do.  Bill Clinton couldn’t allow himself to do something too Republican like so he wouldn’t sign it into existence unless there was a clause added.  It was set up so that for the first two years anyone in the country could roll any other IRA or 401k into a Roth IRA, with no penalties, just pay taxes on the amount rolled over.  This was great for the people, it allowed them to take their savings and pay taxes on what ever they rolled over.  By the millions, Americans moved money into this new savings plan.  This provided an insane windfall for the Federal government.  These were amounts measured in Billions, yes thats with a B.  This artificially created the appearance of a balanced budget.  What Clinton did was steal money from our children.  The tax windfall he received was money that was originally going to be multiplied by millions.  Yes that means take those Billions and multiply by Millions……. let that sink in……thats a really big number.  So, Bill Clinton did technically balance our budget, but he stole from our children and grandchildren to do it.  He doesn’t deserve the credit he gets, in fact we could blame him for part of the deficit.  I will step down from my soap box now.  Oh I promised to explain the title.  

Most of the bantering in comments section of that article I referred to back at the beginning greatly demonstrated to me that the Founding Father were right.  Ben Franklin explained why this country was intended to be a Republic not a Democracy.  It was originally set up so that only land owning individuals could vote.  The explanation given was that the common man is not intelligent enough to vote for the person best for the country.  The common man votes for the person who is best for their own interests.  Most of the comments I read demonstrated that the Founding Fathers were right.  I am surrounded by stupid people.

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