A little late getting to this one, But Wow!

In our desperation for change, we have brought about a change that very few of us were asking for.  The popular liberal media has said that the recent Presidential election was the American populace making a statement.  They are lying, or they are stupid, President Obama won with about 51% of the popular vote.  1% over half is not a decisive majority.  It is just a few more people who came out to vote who didn’t last time.  I mean no offense, but President Obama, Abraham Lincoln you are not.   “On the hardest moral dilemma of his day, Abraham Lincoln stepped up to the plate and took a stand. He did not say that it was above his pay grade. And this is what makes Abraham Lincoln very different from Barack Obama”  Click through the link below for the context in the article.


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Pointing out the obvious

Wouldn’t this qualify as “The State” interfering with “The Church”?  I thought there was to be a separation of “Church” and “State”.  I guess the Constitution doesn’t apply if you weren’t born here.


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The Truth will set you Free!

I have said all along that this whole “Global Warming” thing has consistently come across as a little fishy.  They cried chicken little when they started measuring the ozone and found a hole in the atmosphere.  The assumption was made that it hadn’t always been there.  That we must have caused it.  The earths atmospheric conditions are cyclical.  Yes we have only been measuring for the last 100 years or so, but you can go look at diaries and other historical writings to see that temperatures follow a cyclical pattern.  Here’s some more evidence.


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So maybe those Right-Wing extremists were right…..

Since way back in the early nineties when I was in high-school, we have been teaching our children that condoms are the answer.  Luckily for some people in the world, they aren’t being lied to.  Condoms don’t stop HIV.  Only the abstinence/fidelity combo is the 100% bona-fide guarantee to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.



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Israel lives in fear of Obama…..

The leadership of Israel is operating under the assumption that the upcoming Obama White-house will be very unfriendly to their cause.  If past statements remain in effect, the President elect and his staff will take the stance that a peaceful non-violent solution must be achieved.  This is a fallacy.  The radical Islamist’ will not ever back down.  They will fight until we (Israel/US) are dead or they are.  Israel is their prime target.  Israel knows that they can no longer count on the US backing them against the terrorists.  They must start now to eliminate the threat before it is to late.  I believe that eventually Israel will become fed up with nit-picking and faceless guerilla attacks.  Someday a line will be crossed.  Someday they will seek to wipe out the threat against them.  When that day comes I hope for two things.  I hope that the US is on the correct side of the confrontation.  Second I hope they are successful.  Here is a link to an article on the latest happenings.


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Happy New Year!

I pray you all have a wonderful and blessed new year.

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