Users switching en-masse

I preach two things

1. Christ Crucified and Risen!

2. Steve Jobs does know what we need in a computer better than Steve Ballmer.

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After investigating the numbers, I can’t believe that “the change” has turned out to be a 30% deficit. Heaping debt on our children and grand-children to fix our problems doesn’t solve anything. All it does is push-back the problem. It doesn’t resolve it either. I frequently hear complaining about the problems our leadership has inherited. When what they are doing is passing the buck.

Richard Dawkins believes that creation of life requires input of intelligence. His source of that intelligence? Maybe aliens?!? That doesn’t face the problem, it pushes it back, pushes it to someone else. Leaves it to someone else to fix the problem. That is just like our current lot of elected officials. They are taking the problem and “passing the buck”. That is not strength, it is weakness.

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