A tribute

I lie here mentally preparing for another sleepless night. I know the storm clouds are there. With the sun having finished its daily duties they lurk just beyond recognizable. Like a hammer ready to fall upon the anvil, a palitable heavyness hangs in the air.
It feels as though God is mentally preparing for what is to come.
I have struggled throughout these recent days, frustrated with those unwilling to let go. Now realizing that part of me doesn’t really want to either.
Listening to the labored breathing makes wishing for an end easier. I wish this upon none.
Our hearts will continue to ache, but partially looking forward to the divine reunion. Many that we now miss will be there waiting for us to join in the eternal chorus.
For all of our faults, a pedistal worthy example has been set. Even whilst traveling the valley of the shadow of death an endless stubbornness drives to be present, to provide companionship to those that matter most.
Things won’t be the same without you here, but the pangs will eventually subside. Not to disappear, but to provide a longing for what is to come.
I love you, always will.
I ask only that you keep the light on. We will be there when our work is compleated.

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