Health care for us all.

I would currently put the odds of the health care bill passing at less than 50/50 odds. There are to many road-blocks. The senate has merely decided to talk about it, which means “we’ll get to it after Christmas”. There are to many that will not vote yes if abortion is in the bill, and to many that won’t vote for it without it. If it does happen to pass the senate, the are some in the house that voted for it the first time but won’t the second time. The democrats will try to blame the failure on the republicans, but it will be their own at fault. When it is all said and done they will realize we are tired of all of them all(both parties). For the republicans are no longer conservative, they have become liberal. But that’s ok, because the democrats have vacated that line of reasoning to become socialists. May God help us all.

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