I have had this conversation many times

Mike explains it well. Apple has figured out how to continuously expand their income while avoiding true monopoly status. As this situation has unfolded it has been interesting to read the prognostication about the possible investigation into Apples practices. There are those who would like for it to end up forcing Apple to allow Flash, but it turns out that it is probably about Apples upcoming iAd program. My favorite comment under this article is by SubGenius, it sums the article well.

SubGenius says:
I don’t understand why people have such a problem with the iPhone OS.
Apple has created a simple dichotomy that keeps things really simple(which is a good thing).
1) Create a native app and play by their rules.
2) Create a web app – anything goes
3) Take your ball and go home


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Apple once again makes “pundit” synonymous with “wrong”

The key stat is a profit increase of 90% with only a 50% rise in income. Normally these two are at least closer if not reversed.


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My iPad Thoughts

For decades we have heard from the technorati that we need a new paradigm in how we interact with our computers. Apple through the iPhone/iTouch and now the iPad have delivered just such a thing, and now all the “geeks” are up in arms because they can’t change this or plug in that or some pie-in-the-sky ideal that everything has to be “open”.  Where open means leave it porous enough that I can hack it to pieces while I complain about it being insecure.

Engineering is about tradeoffs, what do you leave out, what do you leave in. Chose any two good, fast, or cheap. There is no free lunch. Apple has delivered a product that through the App Store does 90%+ of what a laptop can do. And 98%+ of what a netbook can do. While also adding a list of things it does better than either. If you need to do serious computing, the iPad wasn’t designed with you in mind. If you want a highly-portable, long-lasting battery, handheld computing device then it may be.

What the iPad has delivered is another splinter amongst geekdom. For several decades the computing universe has been at the mercy of a select few of us who have the technical know-how to bend computers to our will. The average user just wants email, web, youtube, and facebook to run without them having to take a class to do it. This leaves us now with two factions of geeks, those who want to remain in control, and those like myself that want Aunt Margaret to be able to do it without me. I for one am tired of being the first on everyones fast dial list. The family IT department. I welcome the iPad with open arms and ecourage everyone who doesn’t fall into the “geek” category to get one. It will make my life easier. Thank you Steve and Co.

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An Apple Family Loss

Apple fans lose a great influence and great friend. My own experience is limited to getting to talk to him when I ran conference calls at my old job. Good man, really knew his business.


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When all you know to do is copy…

Can they do anything original? At first I thought this was an Apple store. Even the line of employees is copped from the fruit company. The floor, the tables, the glass front, the guru bar, and the 4-squares my have been stolen from an Apple store! Shameless. This company is demonstrating no creativity whatsoever.

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iPhone 3GS is impressive

The camera on the new 3GS is impressive. It looks like the need for a point-n-shoot is waning.

Big Blow
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Users switching en-masse

I preach two things

1. Christ Crucified and Risen!

2. Steve Jobs does know what we need in a computer better than Steve Ballmer.


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Finally watched the iPhone 3.0 event video.

I agree with Andy Ihnatko, this is not just Apple giving us features (some we should already have had), but Apples play to make the iPhone OS the future of computing. If Microsoft isn’t scared they should be. If copy/paste works copying addresses from Safari, this will become the premier portable blog editing platform. I won’t need my laptop anymore. Just a big external battery for my iPhone.

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Being an Apple Addict is kinda like being married…..

You Love them to death, but sometimes they make you want to poke yourself in the eye with rusty nail!  You will bend over backwards to help them out, and other times they make you want to pull your hair out.  You can’t live with them, but you can’t live without them.  (ok enough analogies)  At first blush I was upset/disappointed with Apple’s dropping out of future Macworld Expo’s.  Then I realized it was only selfish.  I just wont ever get the chance to experience a Stevenote.  As is often the case John Gruber put my mind at ease.  I realized that Apple has set a good example for us all.  An example that I believe Church’s the world round could learn something from….


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It’s time for our stock market to disappear!

Ok, maybe just refine alot of processes.  Apple Inc puts up their biggest quarter in the history of the company, and Wall Street rewards them with a slap across the face.  Used to The market reacted to proven performance.  Now it only cares about the guidance a company spits out.  Microsoft always provides optimistic guidance, therefore its stock stays steady on report day.  Apple divvies out the usual restrained guidance and the reaction is to punish them for being realistic.  Oh well, I guess this is why I own no stock.




UPDATE: It looks like in after hours trading AAPL is actually up…….cool!

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