Apple once again makes “pundit” synonymous with “wrong”

The key stat is a profit increase of 90% with only a 50% rise in income. Normally these two are at least closer if not reversed.

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An Apple Family Loss

Apple fans lose a great influence and great friend. My own experience is limited to getting to talk to him when I ran conference calls at my old job. Good man, really knew his business.

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When all you know to do is copy…

Can they do anything original? At first I thought this was an Apple store. Even the line of employees is copped from the fruit company. The floor, the tables, the glass front, the guru bar, and the 4-squares my have been stolen from an Apple store! Shameless. This company is demonstrating no creativity whatsoever.

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Users switching en-masse

I preach two things

1. Christ Crucified and Risen!

2. Steve Jobs does know what we need in a computer better than Steve Ballmer.

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One more proof that intelligence doesn’t exist in Redmond!

Or maybe just proof that Apple’s MacOSX is better, for creative stuff. ¬†You know, like writing copy, or coming up with Microsoft ad campaigns.

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