A message to my fellow Americans

PSA:US Embassies are a small patch of American soil located in another nation. You, I, any US Citizen is to be safe & protected while there. The raiding and murder of an American citizen is an act of war.  Only those delusional to think pacifism works or actually side w/ the enemy would do nothing about it.  The only correct course of action is a full-scale military incursion.  Allowing any kind of extremists to get away with doing so, will only encourage more such actions. We the American people cannot stand by and allow our leaders to do nothing.  A message needs to be sent, please contact our ELECTED officials in Washington and demand proper action be taken. 

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Hopefully this is the beginning of a tidal wave


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Somebody definitely needs to hold the liberal media accountable

I just hope McCain is up for the task.


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Please tell me again how there is no Liberal media bias.


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