My iPad Thoughts

For decades we have heard from the technorati that we need a new paradigm in how we interact with our computers. Apple through the iPhone/iTouch and now the iPad have delivered just such a thing, and now all the “geeks” are up in arms because they can’t change this or plug in that or some pie-in-the-sky ideal that everything has to be “open”. ¬†Where open means leave it porous enough that I can hack it to pieces while I complain about it being insecure.

Engineering is about tradeoffs, what do you leave out, what do you leave in. Chose any two good, fast, or cheap. There is no free lunch. Apple has delivered a product that through the App Store does 90%+ of what a laptop can do. And 98%+ of what a netbook can do. While also adding a list of things it does better than either. If you need to do serious computing, the iPad wasn’t designed with you in mind. If you want a highly-portable, long-lasting battery, handheld computing device then it may be.

What the iPad has delivered is another splinter amongst geekdom. For several decades the computing universe has been at the mercy of a select few of us who have the technical know-how to bend computers to our will. The average user just wants email, web, youtube, and facebook to run without them having to take a class to do it. This leaves us now with two factions of geeks, those who want to remain in control, and those like myself that want Aunt Margaret to be able to do it without me. I for one am tired of being the first on everyones fast dial list. The family IT department. I welcome the iPad with open arms and ecourage everyone who doesn’t fall into the “geek” category to get one. It will make my life easier. Thank you Steve and Co.

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